Curriculum Summary

  • History and Evolution of Employee Resource Groups
  • Building the Business Case
  • Building Success through Leadership
  • Logistics and Best Practices for ERGs
  • Leadership and Cultural Competencies for Effective ERGs
  • Planning for Action


History and Evolution of Employee Resource Groups

  • An overall construct for forming and growing impactful ERGs
  • History of ERGs
  • Type of ERGs
  • The ERG lifecycle

Building the ERG Business Case

  • Tying to overall organizational business goals and values as well as to the rationale of D&I
  • Moving to equity and belonging
  • Building the business case for ERGs – value to the ERG members, value to the company

An overview of the Various ERG Roles and Responsibilities

  • Executive and HR leadership
  • HR practitioner
  • ERG leaders
  • Executive sponsors
  • HR advisor / liaison

Structure, Mechanics and Best Prac ces of ERGs

  • Establishing a charter, structure, communications
  • Leadership selections and development
  • ERG strategic planning and tying to organizational business goals
  • Developing an annual plan
  • Goals, metrics, and measurements

Connection with the Larger ERG Eco-System

  • Inter-ERG coordination: ERGs across multiple sites, taking ERGs international, etc.
  • Intra-ERG coordination: Sharing best practices, joint events, etc.
  • Interaction with other corporate diversity initiatives

Guided Action Planning Process